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Good morning 6G

We will be self isolating until the 14th of October and that means we will be working at home. You will find morning work here each day and we will have regular Zoom meetings, including live lessons, over the next week and a half.

I will email a daily timetable to your parents and will expect to see pictures of your work as well as seeing you in our meetings. 



Monday 5th October

Please complete this morning work before our Zoom meeting at 10:30am.

Daily Maths Work

English Work 


Monday - writing the second and third paragraphs of the Three Little Pigs newspaper report.


Miss Crook's example

Work Hard Wednesday!

Please try to fit in one of the following physical activities today:


A PE session with Joe Wicks: 












A dance session with Oti Mabuse:












Or a circuit workout on your own:

15 star jumps

30 seconds running on the spot

20 sit ups

10 press ups

20 squats


Maths independent work




Mr Shuttleworth's Poetry Challenge!


Watch this video of Simon Mole, a poet, and follow his instructions on how to write a poem of your own. Once you are happy with your poem, email it to our class email account for Mr Shuttleworth to read.


Friday 9th October

Extra Maths