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Mon 23.3.20

William Shakespeare - Answers


1.He was born in Stratford Upon Avon on 23rd April 1564.


2.His parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden.His father was a leather merchant and his mother's family were land owner.


3.Not much is known about his schooling but it is likely that he went to King's New School in Stratford to learn reading, writing and the classics.


4.The years from age 18 to age 25 are the 'lost years'.He could have been spending time at home looking after his children and wife.


5.He worked as an actor and a playwright in London.


6.Although he is very well known for his plays, very little is known about his personal life.It suggests that he wqas a very private and shy individual to kept his life a guarded secret.


Mon 23.3.20 Grammar Mat

Mon 23.3.20 Grammar Mat 1

Tuesday 24.3.20

Direct Speech - Answers

1a. Go and wash your hands


1b. Can you shut the door


2a.  ( Sentence A)


2b. ( Sentence B)


3a.  said."


3b. up!"


4a. " We could play this game,"said Albie.


4b. "Would you like to go swimming?" he asked.

Weds 25.3.20

The Chocolate Factory -Comprehension - Answers


1.They were very excited because Tom said 'how lucky are we/' and the author has used exclamation marks to show how they were speaking.


2. They were visiting because they had won a prize in their school fair raffle.


3.hygienic means keeping it free of any germs.It's important so that nobody becomes ill after eating the chocolate.


4.The beans are roasted in ovens to bring out the flavour and colour.


5.Sugar, vanilla and milk are added to the mixture.


6.Solidifying is the scientific process that is mentioned in the text.

Thurs 26.3.20

Aliens Work.

Send in your stories or alien poems and we will put them on the website for everyone to read.


Fri - 27.3.20

Direct Speech - Answers


1a. what would you like to drink


1b. I would like lemonade


2a. B


2b. C


3a. asked"


3b. raining,"


4a. Sally said,"I think we should take our bikes with us."


4b. The receptionist bellowed," next please!"