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Audley Junior School

Awaiting test work

Here you will find morning work, maths and English for 3 days.


Please email all work to your class teacher:

Mrs Desai

Miss Palmer

Mrs Whitaker

Mrs Conley


You can send a photo of your work or you can complete your work on a computer and attach it to the email. Remember to put your name on your work.


Don't worry if you haven't got a printer. As long as your work is neat, and you put question numbers, you can write it on another piece of paper.


Remember to read every day!

Morning Work


Please use the link  to watch the first 3 videos from White Rose Maths - homelearning- Year 3 - week 1.


There is a worksheet to go with each lesson attached below.

English Work

Each activity has 3 parts. Everybody must do the first 2 parts: "Check it out!" and "Let's Practice!". If you can, you should try "Challenge" too. Remember... BRING IT ON!