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English week beginning 14/9/20

Friday 18th September

1) Practice saying the poem "Windy Nights" out loud.  Perform it to someone in your house if possible. Can you recite it off by heart?


2) Log onto Education City and complete the activity you have been set as class work.


3) Choose another English activity to do in Education City.  your free choice!

Thursday 17th September

1) Copy the poem Windy Nights, neatly, into your yellow  exercise book.

2) Learn the poem off by heart. You could make up actions to do as you say your poem.

3) Complete the 3 handwriting sheets you were given on Friday, if you were in school.

Wednesday 16th September

1) Ask someone to test you on last week’s spellings list.


2) Complete Week 2 spelling worksheet (you were given it if you were in school on Friday) and try to learn those spellings ready for next week.


3) Complete the Oak Academy grammar lesson.

Tuesday 15th September


1)Draw pictures to illustrate yesterday’s poem, where possible.


2) Watch Oak Academy Reading for Pleasure lesson 1, it talks about the different genres you can read. I mentioned the word genre last week.


Monday 14th September
Last week we read Kit Wright’s poem about The Magic Box. Watch him perform it again.

Write your own poem, saying what you would put into your magic box.


Think about the adjectives you would use for description.

Try to include some alliteration.

Start each verse with the words....’I will put into my box’

Your final verse can start with the words....’My box is fashioned from’

Draw a picture of your box and what you are putting inside it (if possible)