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Monday 12th October

Tuesday 13th October

Read the first part of the story - The Lion at School. Use a dictionary (you can use an online one) to write a definition of the words below. 

Wednesday 14th October

Complete the sentences below with the correct missing word or punctuation.

Thursday 15th October

Find the verbs in the text below. CHALLENGE- Can you rewrite the paragraph in present tense?

Friday 16th October

Finish reading The Lion at School and complete a story mountain. You can draw and write your own on a piece of paper or print the one below. 

Monday 19th October

Tuesday 20th October

Tuesday  20th October

Use your story mountain to retell the beginning of  story of the Lion at School. Write the story in your own words and try to add as much detail as you can. 

Wednesday 21st October

Wednesday 21st October 

Reread your story from yesterday and try to edit and up level your work. Look at the list below to see what makes a successful piece of work. 


Now write the middle of the story. Remember to use the story mountain to help. 

Wednesday 21st October

Thursday 22nd October

Thursday 22nd October 

Edit your story so far. Remember to think carefully about spellings and punctuation. Can you up level the vocabulary you have used? 


Now complete your story by writing and editing the end of the story.