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Year 3 are currently looking at the Stone Age and becoming researchers to answer questions about life then and sources we can use to find out information. For example: What was it like.....? How can we find out...? Is it a primary or secondary source we are using to find out.....? What do we really know....? What might be true...? How can we find out if it is true?


Year 4 have been looking at the Romans and their effect on Britain. They enjoyed a trip to Ribchester and have done a 'Boudicca walk'.


Year 5 have looked at the history of the Audley area and the rise of the cotton industry in Blackburn in the 1800s. They studied how the cotton industry in Blackburn made a local, national and international impact at the time. The children became detectives and examined census forms from the area and deduced how different life was during the cotton industry peak compared to now. We are looking at the Early Islamic Civilisation in particular Baghdad 900 A.D. Watch this short video on why it became such an important city.


Year 6 have been working on The Ancient Greeks and their legacies.