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Audley Junior School

Maths w/b 15th June

Friday 19th June

1) 4 a day


2) Mark this week's 4 a day

Flashback for today and yesterday's answers

Problem of the Day and yesterday's answers

Thursday 18th June

1) 4 a day

2) Mark yesterday's activity

Wednesday 16th June

1) Complete 4 a day


2) Mark 8 in 8 ( in the 8 in 8 star)



4) Complete the activity

If you cannot print out the worksheet to draw the line graphs, maybe you could do a screen dump and use a photo editing program.  Or, you could try drawing it out onto paper.  If you are unable to do this, just imagine which points you would choose on the graph and look at the answers tomorrow.

5) Problem of the Day

6) Flashback

Tuesday 16th June


1) 4 a day


5) Complete 8 in 8 Test 21 (in the 8 in 8 star)

6) Flashback

7) Problem of the day

8) There is also a new times tables test under the Times Tables Tests star and new arithmetic tests (core and extension) under the Testbase Arithmetic star, for this week.

Monday 15th June


1) Complete 4 a day (look in the 4 a day star)

4) Flashback