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Maths Week Beginning 13th July

Friday 17th July

1) Complete 4 a day and then make sure you have marked all the work up to date by looking at the answers.


3) Either: complete a Testbase (look in the Testbase stars),  or go onto Education City (free choice!) or play on Times Table Rockstars


This is the final work for this academic year. Well done if you got to the end of all this Mathematics work!

Thursday 16th July

1) 4 a day

Question 2 d , do not worry if you do not have anyone to talk to about this.

Wednesday 15th July
1) 4 a day


2) Mark 8 in 8


Number 2 - You haven’t got your usual talk partner to discuss this question but see if there is someone at home you could chat to about it.


Tuesday 14th July

1) 4 a day

2) 8 in 8 test 25

Monday 13th July


1) 4 a day