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Audley Junior School

Maths week beginning 14/9/20

Friday 18th September


Thursday 17th September


1) Mark yesterday's times table test (look in the times table star for the answer sheet)


2) Complete today's lesson, writing numbers up to 100 000 and then 1 000 000.

There are 2 worksheets.  I want everyone to complete the1st  but if you have time, complete the 2nd worksheet  (from White Rose Maths)

Help sheet for saying numbers

Wednesday 16th September

1) Mark yesterday’s work

2) Complete Times table test 1 worksheet ( you were given a paper copy if you were in school on Friday)

Times table Test 1 (for anyone who has not the printed out sheet, just write the answers)

3) Go onto TTRockstars and play  Studio games.  If you do not have a ‘rock status’ play 10 studio games to get one.  

You can then play some of the other games in TTRockstars too afterwards.  

e.g. You can play a Rockslam, where you challenge someone else from the class!


4) Education City also has times tables play live, or you can practice individual tables there .

Tuesday 15th September

Using numbers up to 10 000


watch the White Rose Maths learn screen first, then complete the worksheet. 

If you do not have a printer, draw the column headings and number lines in your book to help you complete the questions.


Note: there is a mistake on the worksheet, questions 3 to 5 are repeated, you do not have to do them twice!
Monday 14th September

Complete the worksheet Place Value ten thousands and if you can do the millions numbers in the Place Value Challenge sheet