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Hello from me! cool


Now that we are in another national lockdown, I know that you will all be completing lots of work and joining online lessons and meetings but I thought that some of you might enjoy an extra little challenge to exercise your Year 6 brains! 

You don't have to do these challenges, they are here if you want to have a go. I will post new challenges each week and the answers will be posted here on Friday afternoons for you to check how you did. 


I'm sure I will see you all in just a few weeks, 

Miss Crook laugh



Arty Challenge


6G started a new class novel this week: The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. The section from yesterday had a fantastic description of the inside of the shop and my challenge is for you to draw the shop.

Read the description carefully and try to include all the items it mentions. Your art work could be in colour or black and white, depending on the resources you have available at home. 

I look forward to seeing your interpretations of the shop!


Here is the description: 














You can, if you want to, send a photograph of your art work to me in school 




Maths Comprehension


This works just like any comprehension - read the text carefully and then answer the questions BUT you will need to use your mathematical knowledge to answer the questions correctly! 

Come back on Friday for the answers! surprise




Answers: 1. b     2. b     3. a     4. c     5. a     6. b