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Research Project 2




What do you know about Pompeii?

Create a PowerPoint presentation about  Pompeii


Create a mini booklet.

History in the making


Do you remember when we read King George VI's speech in English recently? On Sunday 5th April 2020 at 20:00, Queen Elizabeth II made a public address to the nation. Did you listen to it or watch it? It is only the fifth time the monarch has given such a speech in her 68-year reign. 


You can use this link to watch it:


Task:  Make a time capsule (and bury it in your back garden when this is all over).

Include things like - a copy out the Queens Speech, drawn pictures, photographs, newspaper articles, a diary of your experiences during Lockdown. Who knows when it will be dug up again, but whoever finds it will find a little piece of your living history. Wouldn't that be amazing? 



Research task:


Find out as much as you can about

Project Britain


Create a  PowerPoint showing your findings.


Website to use:


You must use your own words.  Don't copy and paste.

You should be able to create several slides about the aspects of Project Britain that are interesting to you.