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Our new 2018-19 yr Team Racers have been building up their driving skills; with reversing out of tricky manoeuvres, cornering round difficult bends (aswell as crashing!!!) and competing in races...Here is a taster of their entertaining and competing driving.

Pursuit challenges and 2014-2015 racers.

Batteries charged...Controls ready...Let racing begin with YR 6 Team Racers.

Team Racers has entered its fourteenth year at Audley as an after school activity whereby the YR 6 boys engage in competitive duals against each other. Timed laps, pursuit challenges and friendly banter while building long lasting friendships. Ultimately, as their year comes to an end, a competition takes place to see who will win the prize and hopefully, beat the record time (5 laps- 31.4 seconds) currently held by Humza Parvaiz from July 2014. However, these new enthusiastic and DRIVEN boys are challenging towards their personal best. Watch out for a new record.