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The Victorians

Lots of you have said how much you have enjoyed learning about The Ancient Egyptians. Thank you for letting us know!

Now we are going to start our next History topic, The Victorians. Keep a look out for new activities and, as always, have fun!

Activity 6

Now it's time to think about what you have learnt.

Choose one thing that you have found out about, (Queen Victoria, children at work, Victorian schools) and find an interesting way of presenting the information. You could design a poster, make a fact file or even design and write your own book. Maybe you can think of an even better way to show what you have found out. It's up to you!

You can use the internet to help you find out even more. Remember to ask permission and to surf safely.


Activity 5

Look at the Victorian School activity sheets. Can you put each activity into the right section of the Victorian School Venn Diagram? The centre section is for things you would find in both Victorian and modern classrooms. Draw the Venn diagram if you can't print it.

Challenge: Comparing a Victorian School Room activities. Try the diary as a Super Challenge! The last activity is to turn your classroom into a Victorian Classroom. We can't do that right now, but you could draw what you think it would look like - including your teacher! laugh

Activity Four

As time went on, life for some Victorian children got a little easier and they were able to go to school. However Victoiran schools were very different to schools today. Which would you prefer?

Read "Victorian Schools", have a go at the Spot the Difference Quiz and then the Victorian School Artefact Challenge. Have fun! yes

Activity Three

Let's find out about children in Victorian times.

When Queen Victoria became queen, life for children was very different from how it is now. Some children, from rich families, were lucky enough to have an education, but many had to go to work from a very young age. Read about children at work in Victorian times, and then have a go at the challenge.

Activity Two.

Let's find out what happened in Victorian times.

Lots of exciting event occured when Victoria was queen and life changed for a great many people. Look at the timeline ordering activity.

enlightenedIf you can, print it and complete, making sure the dates are in the correct order. It doesn't have to be in colour.

enlightenedIf you can't print, write out the dates and events in your yellow book, makig sure you hve them in the correct order!

If you like, you could have a go at the Victorian Invention Challenge too! Have fun! yes

Activity One.

Let's find out who Queen Victoria was.

Read the information "Queen Victoria", then complete the Fact File (no need to print unless you want to). Remember to use the stars to pick the best activity for you. If you are ready for a Challenge, have a go at the comprehension! Good luck!