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Water Park 2020

Residential Visit to Water Park


We have been lucky enough to secure a weekend visit to Water Park in early November 2020 laugh 

Under normal circumstances we would speak to our pupils and inform our parents of this trip by letter several months before the trip. Given the current circumstances, this may not be possible but we will do everything we can to make sure that the selection process is fair.


Key Information:


  • This visit will be for two nights.
  • We will leave school on the Friday morning and return on the Sunday afternoon. 
  • The visit will cost around £65.
  • There will be 4 adults supporting the pupils.
  • There will be around 30 places available for pupils.
  • Pupils who will be Y5 or Y6 in November 2020 are entitled to apply.
  • All food served at Water Park will be vegetarian or halal. 
  • Pupils sleep in shared bedrooms, with friends where possible.
  • Boys and girls have separate bathrooms, changing rooms and bedrooms.
  • There will be no opportunity for phone calls home for individual pupils.


I will update this page as necessary.