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Week commencing 18th May

Friday 22nd May

1) complete 4 a day and mark all your work up to date


2) complete Studio games set for you on TTRockstars


3) EXTRA: complete the white rose maths challenges - if you fancy doing some extra maths! 

(remember year 5 work is only up to question number 5 but you may want to try more with your family)

scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers to the challenges


Thursdy 21st May

1) complete 4 a day - Thursday


2) mark yesterday's white rose maths activity

3) white rose maths -   Lesson 4 - Subtract mixed numbers

    watch the learn screen


4) complete the activity


 5) more practice on BBC Bitesize (although the first part is from white rose maths) if you want articles/zhs9d6f



Wednesday 20th May

1) Complete 4 a day - Wednesday


2) mark 4 a day up to Wednesday (go to the 4 a day folder)


3) mark Test 18  8 in 8  ( in the 8 in 8 folder)





4) mark yesterday's white rose maths activity


5) complete today's white rose maths - Lesson 3 - Add mixed numbers


6)  extra information in yesterday's BBC Bitesize lesson

       and today's lesson  

      (the checklist on BBC Bitesize today is what we call success criteria)






Tuesday 19th May

1) complete 4 a day - Tuesday


2) mark yesterday's white rose maths work


3) watch the learn screen   :Lesson 2 - Add fractions


4) complete the activity 


HINT: When adding fractions, change all the denominators to the same denominator, by finding equivalent fractions,  before adding.


5)  Complete Test 18 8 in 8   (look in the 8 in 8 star)


Monday 18th May


1) 4 a day ( in the 4 a day star)


2) white rose maths:       Week 5  - add and subtract fractions

     watch the learn screen:


3)  complete the activity sheet

(note - with question number 5 it says compare answers with partner, you may not be able to do this):


4) extra practice on BBC Bitesize daily lesson "add and subtract numbers within 1":



Friday's Maths Challenge answers are here