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Year 4 Closure Work

Closure Work

Year 4 Home Tasks for School Closure

These are the daily tasks we would like ALL Year 4 pupils to complete:

  • 4 A day calculations
  • Maths activities
  • English task (this includes reading/writing/grammar/punctuation/weekly spellings). 
  • Daily reading (15/20 minutes)
  • Weekly research task from another subject.

Your child also has access to their TT Rockstar and Education City accounts using their login and password details.

Thank you,

The Year 4 team

Children, please read this book on the Coronavirus. It will help to answer many of your questions and explain what is happening in the world today.


BBC Bitesize are starting daily lessons from Monday 20th April.  These fun and interesting programmes cover a variety of subjects. Each week new lessons will be uploaded to the website. Please take a look and see what is available each day. smiley 

Hello Year 4 pupils

If your parents have an email address then ask their permission to use it and email a message to your teacher.

Don't forget to say who you are and in which class. You never know your teacher might even send you a reply!


Things you could mention in your e-mail:

  • What you have been doing this week?
  • How you feel about being at home and not at school?
  • What are you missing about not being at school?
  • What are you looking forward to?

The e-mail address to send your messages to is:


Keep working hard everyone and stay safe.