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How does my child get a place?

Places for this year's visit (June 2022) have already been allocated but, the procedure is the same each year:

  • Pupils are given an assembly regarding the visit (explaining activities, cost, expectations)
  • Information regarding the trip is sent home to families
  • Names are gathered from those children interested in going (with a deadline for submissions)
  • Information is gathered regarding the attendance, behaviour and approach to learning of each pupil who put their name forward
  • Families are informed if their child's name has been removed from the list and the reason for that decision (this could be; attendance below 93%, negative behaviour incidents, etc.)
  • The final list of names are then put in a box and chosen at random in front of the pupils (usually on a Friday afternoon)
  • Letters are sent home the same day with all the children to say whether they have been allocated a place or are on the reserve list
  • A deposit is then required to secure each child's place


**Note: from September 2022, Water Park Residential Visits will be open to Year 6 pupils only.