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If your child will need any kind of medication during the five day visit, school staff MUST be informed in advance. All medications are kept safely (away from children) by the Lead Adult. A form must be completed and signed to allow school staff to provide medication to children (Form 3b). 

Staff keep a written log of all medications administered to children, including the dosage and time. 


Asthma inhalers - these are kept by the child. Preventer inhalers (usually brown) can be left with staff and requested each morning but reliever inhalers (usually blue) must be kept with the child at all times. 


Eczema creams - emollient creams can be kept by the child but any steroid-based creams must be given to the Lead Adult (with a completed Form 3b) and requested when required. 


Travel sickness tablets - we recommend that children who suffer from travel or motion sickness take one tablet at home on the morning of the trip and parents provide one tablet (with a completed Form 3b) to be given to the child an hour before the journey home. 


Allergy tablets - any allergy tablets, prescription or over the counter, must be given to the Lead Adult along with a completed Form 3b. 


EpiPen injectors - if a child requires an EpiPen, or similar epinephrine auto-injector, to treat severe allergic reaction, the EpiPen(s) must be given to the Lead Adult along with a current Health Care Plan. 


Named Lead Adult for June 2022 visit: Miss Mary-Anne Crook


A copy of the Form 3b is below. It can be downloaded, completed and either brought with you on the morning of the trip or emailed in advance to 

What is needed?

Packing the case for your child's first long residential can be a daunting task. There a few items that are essential (they are in yellow text), some things that would be useful (they are in green text) and some things that the children definitely don't need. 


What NOT to pack

  • Fancy Equipment - do not purchase any specialist equipment for your visit to Water Park. During our visit, the centre provides all specialist equipment including walking boots, waterproof jacket and trousers, hat, gloves, fleece jumper and a rucksack for each child.
  • New Clothes - Please do not buy brand new clothing for this visit - it gets wet and dirty and the children don't recognise it as theirs so it often gets left behind!
  • Food - Please do not send food/drink in your child's bag/case. There is plenty of food & drink available during our stay and some children in our group have allergies so it is safest to avoid sending any food from home.


The following is a ‘suggested’ list of things to pack for a five day visit:

3 – 4 pairs of socks

5 – 6 sets of underwear

2 – 3 pairs of tracksuit bottoms or similar (not jeans) these may get wet and dirty

4 – 5 t-shirts

2 – 3 jumpers / fleece / sweatshirts

1 coat / jacket

1 swimming costume / swimming shorts

1 big bath towel

1 small hand towel

1 bag of toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant)

1 pair indoor shoes or slippers (non-marking soles)

1 pair outdoor shoes - these may get wet and dirty

1 set of nightwear (pyjamas)

1 dressing gown

1 drinks container/bottle

1 sandwich box (tupperware)

1 sun hat/baseball cap

1 sun cream

1 pair of sunglasses

1 pair of casual trousers (cargo pants, leggings or jeans)

1 pair wellingtons (if possible)

2 – 3 pairs of thick socks (if possible)

1 hat

1 pair of gloves