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Monday (taken from our 2019 residential)

Good evening! We arrived this morning after an uneventful coach journey and enjoyed a lovely lunch before going out for our first activity. We are split into four groups this week; Wetherlam, Swirl How, Brown Pike and Coniston.  

Brown Pike were with Miss Crook, Chris and Sir Eddie. We did some wind surfing this afternoon! It was an incredibly difficult activity for the first day but the whole group were amazing - determination to succeed was the motto and the effort was endless! We tried paddling on our board before kneeling up and eventually standing up on it! 

Coniston went out on the lake with Miss Darby and Alice to try their hand at kayaking. They impressed Miss Darby and Alice with their skills sailing around the cove. It's only day 1 and they already look like they've done this before!

Swirl How were with Mr Wilson and Kay for their ghyll scrambling this afternoon. There were lots of slips but no falls on their way up the stream!  Bravery was the key skill as the children walked through the fast moving water and over the very slippery rocks!

Wetherlam were joined by Miss Yates and they also went ghyll scrambling today. Everyone got all kitted out in their waterproofs, jumped on the minibus and went to climb the stream.  Some of our most eager children were happy to join in a water slide in the stream!

The photographs of our adventures are below - thanks to Water Park's fantastic waterproof cameras, we have lots to share with you.


(photographs of previous pupils removed)



Hello again! We've all been very busy today with two activities for each group so we have some very tired people today. It's almost time for dinner (chicken enchiladas!) so we'll have to be super quick with our post tonight! 


Swirl How have been sailing on the lake this morning and kayaking this afternoon. It was fabulous fun and no-one fell in, so that's good! The children are now all dry and warm again ready for some much needed food! 

Brown Pike were sailing in the morning too and this afternoon we were ghyll scrambling so we all got very wet!! Have a look at our photos below to see how amazing we were. 

Wetherlam went into the indoor climbing wall this morning and windsurfing this afternoon. Miss Yates is a champion windsurfer but several children were showing some excellent skills too!

Coniston did their ghyll scrambling this morning and went sailing in the fun boats this afternoon. It was perfectly windy so they were able to go very fast!