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Maths 2021

Number skills are the foundation of so many other mathematical skills and, as such, are vital. Being able to complete sums and problem solve using numbers is something that should be quick and automatic - this takes lots of practice.


Here are some Oak Academy video lessons to help children to practise their number skills and use them to solve problems. The first topic (Numbers within 100) has 15 sessions and children should complete one or two sessions each day.


Numbers within 100 - Oak National Academy ( 




The following units of work have been designed specifically for pupils with additional needs. Both units in each topic have four sessions making a total of eight sessions. Choose just the units that your child needs a little more practice with. 

**Some sessions have downloadable/printable resources - if you have no way of printing them at home, please let me know which resources you need and I will get them to you. 


Shape & Sorting 1 

Shape & Sorting 2



Measurement 1

Measurement 2



Time 1

Time 2



Position & Direction 1

Position & Direction 2



Money 1

Money 2




Activity Booklets with a range of maths skills