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Year 4 Nature's Future - How can we encourage wildlife into the school grounds?

Year 4 Competition - Create a wildlife garden

Year 5 - Orienteering Science Quiz & Patterns in Data

Year 6 - The impact of plastic on the planet.

Year 4 - Can sound travel through solids?

British Science Week 2023

This year's theme for British Science Week was 'Connections'. We had a great time creating and launching rockets into the sky. Thank you to the Royal Navy for their fun workshops! 

Year 3 - Nature Connections, Parachutes & Fingerprints

Year 4 - Digestion Models & Creating Inventions

Year 5 - Fingerprints & Nature Connections

British Science Week 2022 - 'Growth'

The children had great fun exploring Queen's Park using their spotter sheets to identify organisms and signs of 'growth'.

British Science Week 2022 - Year 5

Year 5 pupils closely explored the reproductive organs in flowering plants. 

British Science Week 2022 - 'Growth'

Year 4 pupils researched the conditions on Mars and their task was to create their own animal that could survive and grow in these conditions. Take a look at some of their wonderful creations!

British Science Week 2021 - Innovating for the Future

Year 4 had the challenge of designing a Robo-bug for a specific purpose. Ideas included; search & rescue, construction or exploration.  They had to consider the special features of this bug and its unique name. Check out some of their ideas. 

British Science Week 2020 - 'Our Diverse Planet'.

Having researched an invertebrate of their choice, Year 4 have created their own invertebrate hotel. Check out their rooms on offer and room service menu!  Would you like to stay there?!

PE and Science - Exploring the behaviour of particles in solids, liquids and gases.

British Science Week 2019 - This year the theme is 'Journeys'.

Digestion - Year 4 have enjoyed learning about the journey of food through the human body.  Ask your child what they now know.

Year 3 - Exploring the journey of light.

Year 5 - Science Research

During Science Week, some children have taken up the challenge to do extra research at home. Take a look at their findings.

Presentations explaining how and why habitats are in danger.

Exploring habitats within the school grounds

Another fun visit to BCHS to explore changing states.

Year 6 Revision - Plants

Year 4- Electrical circuits using switches, bulbs, buzzers and motors.

Year 4 - Observations Over Time

Throughout the year, the Year 4 pupils will visit Queens Park to observe and identify the organisms they find living there. They will note any changes they see.

Year 5 will observe and record the changes to the school pond, throughout the seasons.

Year 5 - Observations Over Time

Year 5 - Materials & their Properties

Which material is the best insulator?