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Parent Intervention Program Guides

There are a range of interventions, support and activities that can be used at home and at school to help pupils with SEND to achieve their potential. Here are parent guides for some of the interventions available for our pupils. 

Literacy Gold (DG) Overview

Literacy Gold is an online program designed to support children with dyslexic type learning difficulties but is designed in such a way that it benefits all learners. We subscribe to the full Literacy Gold package and pupils are given access to the individual programs that best suit them. (The Engaging Eyes program requires the use of 3D glasses - the red/blue type - so we recommend completing that part of the program at school.)

EducationCity - A Guide for Parents

A recording from a webinar given by our Education Consultant, Haylie, a former teacher who will show parents how they can take advantage of EducationCity with their children at home.