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Religious Education at Audley Junior School 


Our RE curriculum recognises the rich opportunities RE offers for our children, to continually engage with and learn more about different cultures, beliefs and faiths. We aim to instil our children with a strong foundation of knowledge, moral values, and a curiosity of other lifestyles and traditions, in order to aid their development as tolerant, empathetic and respectful young people. RE lessons promote and reinforce common values and beliefs, which are rooted into daily life alongside British Values. 


Our agreed syllabus enables pupils to study beliefs, teachings and ways of living, and is structured so that they can explore a range of responses to questions of identity, meaning, purpose, values and commitments. Through this process, they can examine and reflect upon their own ideas and values. At a time when religious beliefs guide the lives of billions of people worldwide, understanding people’s views can be a first step to recognising and appreciating diversity. Through systematic enquiry into significant human questions, which religion and worldviews address, pupils develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as develop responses of their own.


Learning is enhanced through visits, visitors and celebration days. Other opportunities to reflect on learning and develop awareness and understanding are provided through whole school Collective Worship, Class Worship and School Council.