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Support at Home - video guides

Managing Emotions: Zones Of Regulation: Animated Social Stories for Children

This video explains changing emotions and how children can begin to manage their feelings - watch together with your child(ren).

How to Teach a Child with Autism - Introduction (1/5) | Autism at Home

Learn the key strategies for teaching a child with autism in this brand new series, brought to you by Autism at Home.

How to Break Skills Down? - Teaching a Child with Autism (3/5) | Autism at Home

Breaking skills down involves taking a difficult task and breaking it down into simpler, step-by-step tasks. Learn how to do this for your child with autism.

How to Make Social Stories for Children with Autism - Teaching Materials (3/5) | Autism at Home

Social Stories are an effective way for teaching a child with communication difficulties what is coming, what to expect and what they can do. Find out how to make your own social stories at home.

How to Teach my Child with Autism to Accept 'No' - Building Flexibility (6/6) | Autism at Home

Being able to accept the word 'No' is a life skill every child needs to learn - find out how to teach Accepting No to your child with autism.