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 Marie Curie

Marie Curie was born on the 7th November 1867.  She was a Polish scientist and was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize .  She won two of the awards, one in Physics and the other in Chemistry.  She was one of the first scientists in the discovery and use of x-rays.

Use the link below to find out more about Marie Curie and her scientist husband, Pierre Curie.



Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble was an American astronomer born on 20th November 1889.  He is best known for exploring the 'Milky Way' and creating the 'Hubble's Law', believing that the universe was ever-expanding. The well known Hubble Space Telescope was named after him.



Frederick Banting

Frederick was a Canadian scientist born on 14th November 1891.  He won a Nobel Prize in Physics/Medicine in 1923 for discovering insulin.  He was the youngest person to receive this award and was later knighted in 1934 by King George V for this important discovery in medicine.