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Attendance Pilot January 2024

Audley Junior School and Inclusion Team are working together to improve school attendance.


Our  school has been selected to take part in a pilot scheme to assist parents and carers in improving children’s school attendance, known as the Fast Track to Improving Attendance Pathway.


An indication of a student having difficulties is often visible through their school attendance. Our experience tells us that  there are a variety of reasons why children are off school.  These may include instances of ill health, feelings of being behind with work creating worry, anxiety, lack of motivation due to being out of routine, financial difficulties,  parental separation etc. If we are able to identify any of these issues at an early stage, it is our aim to ensure that the appropriate support can be put in place for our children, young people and their families.We know that regular school attendance is vital for children to achieve their full potential both academically and socially.


The pilot scheme that we are taking part in encourages us to work together to ensure each child’s attendance is at an acceptable level and where appropriate enable you  to seek support through the school and other services to assist in improving your child’s attendance. In essence this is  an early intervention strategy aiming to prevent absence becoming entrenched and to enable children to attend school regularly and on time.


The pathway runs for 8 weeks to assist parents in making attendance improvements.

Failure to make improvements could lead to prosecution in the Magistrates Court and result in a fine of up to £1000.


Where a family is considered for the Fast Track pathway, we will write to you directly to inform you and at that point you will receive further information regarding the process.


If you are currently experiencing any difficulties with school attendance, please speak to us at the earliest opportunity to try and resolve the issues.