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Monday-persuasive writing

Look at the pictures of Warwick Castle. Write 2 lists.

List 1-write a list of ideas about what the castle looks like, it's appearance. For example: the tall turrets, the gleaming, blue moat.

List 2- write a list about the activities you can take part in at the castle.

Google Warwick Castle and find the website, find some other activities that you can take part in and other interesting things that you would be able to see.

Read the text above and highlight any persuasive words or openers that you could use in your own persuasive writing. Visit the Warwick Castle website again and find any persuasive words or openers which they use. Write them down so you can use them later.

Today you must write a persuasive piece of writing to try and persuade people to visit Warwick Castle. You must use the success criteria above to check you have included everything.

  •  Think of a title. WHY NOT VISIT WARWICK CASTLE? 
  • Introduction-write about what Warwick castle is, find out where it is, what is looks like. Warwick Castle is a medieval castle set in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. Made of stone, you will see the tall turrets and high battlements.
  • Now think of some sub-headings, for example: Children's activities, Eating and drinking, Do you want to be scared?
  • Conclusion: Write a final paragraph to explain how you are looking forward to seeing the people, maybe there is a special price/discount.
  • When you have finished, read through your work to check it makes sense and your full stops and capital letters are correct.
  • Use the success criteria to check off that you have included everything.
  • Imagine your writing is going to be included in a leaflet which adults are going to read.

Answer ONE of the comprehensions and then mark it using the answers. Choose the correct star.

1 star= easy

2 stars= average

3 stars= harder

Read the text carefully and answer the questions.



Go on your Read Theory reading account, complete 3 or more comprehensions.

If you have a Lexia account, go on this.

Log on to Education City and complete the activities you have been set. If none have been set then think of some areas that you might be stuck on. For example, full stops, fronted adverbials, apostrophes. Type this into the search bar, choose Year 5 and activity.

If you have your CGP English book, complete one section of this and mark using the answers at the back.