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Welcome to

Audley Junior School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

SummerTerm 2021

Mrs Duffy, Miss Yates, Mrs Armstrong and Mr Alli would like to welcome you all to Year 5. Obviously, things may be a little different this year but we are looking forward to another successful year.

Hopefully, your children will have settled in by now and are getting into a regular routine with their teachers. If you have any queries or worries, please contact the office, on ClassDojo or email your child's teacher on their class email address:

If you have not already joined ClassDojo, please do so as soon as possible:

This will make communication so much easier. You can send messages through this and children can send us a photograph of any work they complete.

Once you have signed up, please find:

Audley Junior Schoolo.

This is not a typing error, our school has an o on the end. Then find your class teacher. An email will be sent to us and you will be connected.

Home Learning in the case of child isolation

You can access the work that your child must complete by clicking on the Home Learning icon below and then clicking on the relevant date. Please open the document below to find what you, your child and their teacher are expected to do whilst your child is in isolation.

If your child is isolating (away from their class), please open the document below to see their timetable for the week.
If your child is isolating with the whole class, the timetable is slightly different. Please see the changes by opening the document below.

P.E kits

Children must come into school in their PE kits on Monday and Wednesday. A prompt sheet can be found further down our page so you can check if you have the correct kit.

Check you have: a white t-shirt, dark coloured tracksuit bottoms, a school hoody or dark coloured hoody and trainers(any colour).

Our Year 5 leaflet
Curriculum overviews

Autumn Term Science Vocabulary


Each week two pieces of homework will be set on Education City. One will concentrate on English and the other will be maths. These must be completed before the deadline. Teachers will be able to check whether they have accessed this activity so please encourage your child to complete them.


Children will also be given weekly spellings. Spellings must be learnt thoroughly at home ready for a test the following week.  



Home reading

Home reading is very important. 

Make sure you read regularly and get your parents/carers to sign your Home Reading Record!

You must try and read at least four times a week. You need to read for 20 minutes or more then get your parents to ask you questions to check you have understood your book.



Use these websites to help your child with reading.  There are lots of e-books, and even a parents' section.  If your child uses this at home, write it in their reading record.


ReadTheory | Free Reading Comprehension Practice for Students and Teachers


Some children also have a Reading Eggs account, which they can access at home.