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Welcome to Year 5

Summer Term 2020

It was lovely to see all the Year 5 children who came to the Zoom meetings, you had lots to say and had brought interesting things to show us. Your time in Year 5 is now over and all the teachers wish you good luck as you move into Year 6. We hope you have enjoyed the short time you have been with us and that you have made lots of memories.

Have a relaxing Summer holiday so you can return in September ready to work hard.


Year 5 Zoom Rules

1. Dress appropriately during the Zoom meeting.

2. Speak appropriately as you would in school.

3. An adult must say a quick hello at the beginning of the meeting and a quick goodbye at the end of the meeting.

4. Have ideas ready in your head that you want to tell us about: For example, what you have been doing or what you are missing.

Thank you to all of the Year 5 children who have contacted us and shared their fantastic work. We have received photographs of research, Maths, Science, Grammar, baking and wonderful poetry.

We are all missing you and hope you and your families are managing to keep in good health. If you haven't yet emailed us to tell us about what you have been doing, then please contact us on the email below:   


From now on you will need to click on the golden stars to find the work set for each week.

The previous activities are still available further down this page.

BBC Bitesize

From Monday 20th April there are lessons for Year 5 on the  BBC website. You can find them by typing into Google (or another search engine):   bbc bitesize daily  then choose Year 5/P6


What should I complete each day ? 

Complete the 4-a-day, a Maths activity, an English activity and one other activity of your choice every day.

Also, don't forget to read every day for at least 20 minutes.


School closure information for parents and children

Suggested guidance for school closure

If you haven't already contacted the Year 5 teachers please do so. Remember to put your class in the subject line. Get permission from your parents and email us from their email address on:

Please try to get in touch so that we have some way of contacting you while we are not at school. Just tell us what you have been doing, how you are feeling and what you are missing about school. You might even want to email us a photograph of any great work you have done in your book.



Easter holidays activities

We hope you all have a lovely break over the Easter holidays. Here are a few suggestions for fun activities you can do with the children over the next two weeks:



Continue doing PE with Joe in the mornings, you will feel much better after this and ready for the day.


Choose an activity such as press ups, pull ups, sit ups or planks. Do as many as you can on day 1 then try to beat your score by 1 on day 2 then on day 3 and so on.



Try some baking with a parent or cooking your favourite food. Here are some simple recipes to try out:


Or why not try making lemonade:


Fun stuff

Play scavenger hunt. Parents to pick items beginning with each letter of the alphabet e.g. an item beginning with a,b,c etc and hide around the room. Children to find the items. Children to then hide. Can the parents find the items in a quicker time.

Try hiding coins from different years e.g a 1p from 2010, a 5p from 2015 and so on.


Try growing some fruit/ veg. Potatoes, carrots, kiwis and apricots are in season. Why not try something new such as asparagus or rhubarb?


Make some paper money and use it to buy food and snack items from parents. This will teach children how to budget. Parents can decide the cost of food and treats.


Make a time capsule and hide it away. You will remember this period of time when you are older and this time capsule will keep your memories safe and in one place. You can download and print one using the following link:



Learn a new/life skill

  1. Learn how to tie your laces if you do not already know
  2. Make your own breakfast
  3. Learn to make your own bed and organise your room
  4. Learn how to do the laundry
  5. Learn to tell the time and try and get yourself into a routine
  6. Learn to sew/knit
  7. What are your parents good at? Can they pass it on to you?


Have fun and stay safe everyone! Hope to see everybody soon.







This link can also be used to print off the time capsule sheets. Have fun!

Friday 3rd April 2020




1) Complete 4 a day, April Week 1 Friday.


2) Complete white rose maths website : (if you want to watch the learn screen video)

Week 2 Lesson 5 - Step 10 - Equivalent FDP

Then complete the activity sheet.



3) Play a ‘Studio’ game in TTRockstars.

Problem of the Day

Answer to problem 20 from yesterday

Well done to 5A and 5Y for winning their TTrockstar battles yesterday.

Well done to Rockstars Harry Adams, Linda Hunter, Sara Brass, Ken Jones, Kirk Estrada, Root Slasher, Carl Spence, B. Falcon, B. Mccoy, Devon Turpin, Melissa Vasoli, Sam Spinner, Rex Green, River Who, Rocky Moon, Zafira Furay, and Trace Limestone for taking part in the Battle!

Here is another extra 8 in 8 from Mrs G's Teaching tools Facebook page - posted on Facebook this morning.



Have you completed both spelling activities from yesterday?


Thursday 2nd April


1) Complete 4 a day - Thursday - from April Week 1 (scroll down and then check your answers)


2) Complete work on percentages. Go onto the White Rose Maths homelearning - year 5 on the website:

Watch the learn screen and pause it when asked to do so to complete the activity questions.


02/04/20 - TTrockstars battle happening right now!        5A v 5L and 5D v 5Y.  Looking forward to seeing who will win and who will take part! Play before 3.05pm.

Problem of the day


02/04/20 - Spelling Activity for week 26 words
























Wednesday 1st April 2020

Another grammar test has been added, a new geography quiz and some new 60 second comprehensions. Scroll down to the grammar, reading and geography sections to find out more....


1) Complete 4 a day ( check your answers by looking at the uploaded answer sheet)

2) Complete white rose maths on their website:

Home learning -year 5,

Lesson 3 - Step 8 - Understand percentages

3) Use Education City, you have been given a learn screen and activities to complete as class work, to help you with your work on percentages.

Times Tables

Complete the session (5 garage games) 1p.m. till 3p.m. today.

Here is an extra 8 in 8 from Mrs G's Teaching tools Facebook page - posted on Facebook yesterday

01/04/20 English - Spelling Activity

01/04/20 Spelling Activity - Week 25 words (remember the words can be found further down this page)

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Now that Education city is working properly here is a reminder to complete your tasks set on there.  Tasks will be mainly set in 'Classwork' but there is at least one in 'Homework' so check there too.  'Grammar 24.03.20' task has only been completed by 30 children out of 107 and 'Commas 30.03.20' has only been completed by 12!  There is also the science activity 'Flowering Plants' to complete.  Remember the teachers are checking who is completing the Education City Tasks.

Please make sure you are learning your weekly spellings from further down this page and the year 5 & 6 spelling words from your book. 


Remember to do 4 a day:
Scroll down to find “April Week 1.”

31/03/20 Answers to yesterday's rounding decimals and a new activity for today (remember you can see a video on the White Rose Maths website for help)

8 in 8 test

The answers will appear here tomorrow. Some of you have already done this test, so you should be getting. 8 out of 8! 


Don’t forget to complete an English activity every day. There are different comprehensions to try- read the information and answer the questions. Mrs Duffy’s English set choose the one star activities, Mrs Armstrong’s and Mr Alli’s set choose the two star activities and Miss Yates’ set choose the three star activities. The answers are there but only use these when you have finished so your parents can mark your work.

Click on the grammar link underneath to try a grammar test. Answer in your exercise book if you cannot print it out.

There are also writing ideas to choose from, take a picture of your work and send it to us.


GRAMMAR TEST 1 - Did you complete this yesterday? If not - do it today.

Grammar test 2. Complete this and get a parent to mark it.

Have you been working on this?

Science - Added on 25/03/20

Living Things and their Habitats - Flowering Plants

There are a few activities to be completed on Education City.  They can be found in classwork - called Flowering Plants - they will be there until the 25th April, some answers will be available from the 26th of April.  In addition to this the children could keep an Observation Over Time record of what they can see from the window or when they go for their daily walk. There are lots of birds around building nests and the trees are showing lots of signs of growth.   If you can get hold of a flower  they can look inside to see if they can identify the different parts of a flower (daffodils are really good for this).  They could draw the flower and label it or even stick it on a piece of paper with sellotape and label it. If you can't get hold of a flower then you could find one on the internet to copy and label.


Have you completed the Geography quiz yet?

Geography: open this folder to take part in the Geography quiz . Find out about rainforests and send us a photograph of your work through the year 5 email address.

Geography quiz.

Now complete Geography quiz 2. Find out about the plants which grow in the rainforest. Find out what the plants are called and what they are used for. One of them is used for making chewing gum...which one is it? Use Google and Google images to find the answers.

Geography quiz 2. Plants from the rainforest

Education City have said that their upgrade has been a success, so please try to access it again.  Please check Classwork for tasks set. Teachers can see who has been accessing their work - well done to those children who have been on last week.  Now it's working properly we expect to see a lot more Year 5 children completing their tasks.



If you want to watch a video each day to help you complete the activity sheet, then go to:     Find Home Learning - Year 5

The video can be watched if you click on Flashback 4 today.

From now on, each daily  lesson will be listed here, so if you prefer, you can go straight to the white rose maths website.  If you are on Facebook then there is a Daily Maths Party at 10 a.m.

Do not look at the answers until you have had a good attempt at completing the work though!


Don’t forget to complete ‘4 a day’ every day. Scroll down this page for questions and watch out for the answers being posted too.

Answers for April Week 1 week beginning Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March - Week 2 Lesson 1 - Step 6 Rounding Decimals
30/03/20 -     Well done to Sara Brass, Linda Hunter, Ricky Big, Devon Turpin, Ella Iris, Carl Spence, B. Falcon, Karl Slim, Zafira Furay, Josey Henley, Lezlie Hill, Ken Jones and Murray Homme  for taking part in the TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands over the last few days - we're looking forward to seeing how many will play in the next battle. 
Friday 27th March 2020

27/03/20 - Answers to yesterday's decimal work and a new task for today.

27/03/20 - The winners for the battles yesterday were... 5A and 5Y!  There is a new battle today at 1p.m.  Well done to Devon Turpin, Carl Spence, Joe Dejesus, Ella Iris, Tommy Gross, Karl Slim, Lezlie Hill, Linda Hunter, Layla Solinger, Josey Henley, Murray Homme, Ken Jones, KT Zevon, Tina Boals and Rex Green  for taking part in the TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands yesterday - we're looking forward to seeing how many will play in today's battle. 
Thursday 26th March 2020

If you're disappointed about missing your farm trip - you could always have a look at the live cameras at Edinburgh Zoo. Click on the link below.


26/03/20 - Answers to yesterday's decimals task and new decimals task for today.

26/03/20 - The winners for the Year 5 versus Year 6 battle yesterday were... YEAR 5! Well done to Layla Solinger, Linda Hunter, Melissa Vasoli, Rocky Moon, Josey Henley, Murray Homme, Yuki Fuentes, Karl Slim, Carl Spence, King Neil, Amazon Bullet, B. Falcon, Issac Davis, Kendal Vickrey, Blue Mulligan, Kirk Estrada, Joe Dejesus, Root Slasher, KT Zevon, Macauley Tardy, Liz Mooney, Zafira Pheonix, Candice Howard, Root Rockabillyloolar and Rex Green  for taking part in the TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands yesterday - we're looking forward to seeing how many will play in today's battle. 

New Battles this afternoon from 1p.m. - 5A v 5D and 5Y v 5L!

Wednesday 25th March 2020

25/03/20 Answers to yesterday's decimal work and a new activity for today.

Just letting parents know that Education City has seen a massive surge in use over the last week and have sent a message to say that problems caused by this should be resolved tomorrow.  So if you have been having any difficulty with Education City - please try again tomorrow.  We will keep you updated on here.
25/03/20 Well done to B Mccoy, Karl Slim, Zafira Pheonix, Rocky Moon, Henry Adam, Murray Homme & KT Zevon (again - extra well done!)  for taking part in the TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands yesterday - let's see how many will play in today's battle.
24th March 2020

24/03/20 - Maths - Answers for yesterday's decimal work and a new activity for today

24/03/20 Well done to Forrest RockPaperScissors & KT Zevon for taking part in the TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands yesterday - now you just need some others to play against!  New Battles set for this afternoon.
Our Year 5 leaflet
Curriculum overviews

Autumn Term Science Vocabulary

5D selfie

We all raised money for Sport Relief by running a mile. Well done everyone.
Year 5 have been tasting bread as part of their Enterprise day.

We drew stars as one of the activities for Year 5 "Shape Day." We had to measure accurately to construct the stars. Then we cut out the stars and used them to make calendars.

Thank you Mrs Patel for our Science show on reversible and irreversible materials.
The IMO citizenship project. Making friends with Longshaw Juniors.

5D's canoeing trip

5Y's trip to Queen's Park Boating Lake

5D's railway trip

5Y's trip to the Town Hall
5D's Spring Term book prize winners

5W at the farm!


5Y's visit to Gazegill Farm

5D's visit to Gazegill Organic Farm

Year 5 Maths parents meeting

Another successful parents meeting today. Thankyou to all the parents for their support!

Year 5 Shape Day was on Friday 30th November

Year 5 reading morning

Thankyou to all the parents that attended!

Enterprise week

Our bread sale was a success once again!

Enterprise Week

Today we started weighing the flour ready to bake our bread tomorrow.

Don't forget it is the bread sale tomorrow from 2.30pm-3.30pm.

We made fabulous headdresses during Film Week.
Look at the amazing poems the children wrote on poetry day.

Home work

Each week your Maths teacher and English teacher will set you a piece of homework. 

It is to be handed in the following week.



Home reading is very important. 

Make sure you read regularly and get your parents/carers to sign your Home Reading Diary!

You must try and read at least three times a week.



Try using this website to increase your knowledge of Maths and a range of some other subjects! 


Use this website to help your child with reading.  There are lots of ebooks, and even a parents' section.  If your child uses this at home, write it in their reading record.