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Once you have been through the presentation, have a go at playing some games related to Vikings. You will need a printer to play these games. Have fun!!

Vikings timeline activity

Around the same time of the Golden Age of Islam, things were much different here in Britain. The presentation explains how the Vikings were invading Britain at the time. Work through the presentation and have a go at trying to make a timeline of events.

8th and 9th Century Baghdad

This is the topic you would have been studying this term in school.  There are some things for you to find out and watch if you click on the link below. Make sure you have permission from your parents to watch the YouTube links.

Use the PowerPoint to help you research about how Baghdad became the capital of Early Islamic Civilisation. Why do you think Baghdad was chosen to be capital? What made it an ideal place to built a great city? What was the land used for? Remember our land use lesson in geography. 


We will look at some of the main scholars and inventors in the coming days/weeks.


Early Islamic scholars

Early Islamic scholars worksheet

Making a pinhole camera

Having researched some of the different inventors during the Islamic Golden Age, we will now  focus on Ibn Al-Haitham's first ideas on the use of the cameras. Page 4 in the document will show you how you can make your own. You may not have tracing paper at home but you can try using greaseproof paper instead. If you have a camera at home have a look at different components of it. What has changed over the years and what has stayed the same? This will tell you how some of Ibn Al-Haitham's original ideas are still in use today. Have fun!!


Have a look at these videos of children being inventors! Think about what you could invent. Why would you need to invent something? You need a problem before you can think of an invention. Have a look around the house and think about what you could make better and how. Your invention does not need to be something entirely new but could just be a case of adapting something which already exists. Send in your ideas on our website and if you want to challenge yourself why not record yourself presenting your idea just like the children in the video. This is called a pitch. Good luck!!

Have a go at drawing what you think Baghdad would have looked like 1000 years ago. Use the clues in the document to help you. Why do you think it was made like this? What are it's benefits?

What Baghdad would have looked like



Another of the scholars we will look at is Al-Khwarizmi. He was a mathematician and is considered to be the father of algebra. He used roman numerals and simplified it to make the number system that we use today e.g. the number 88 in roman numeral is LXXXVIII. Which one do you think is easier to work with? Why not try doing some column addition and subtraction using both systems?


Have a look at some of these fun facts about Al-Khwarizmi